Papagai Embroidery Tank-Top

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parrots represent freedom to us. There is a group of parrots in our neighbourhood who had ran away from the local zoo and had been living in the wild ever since. 

Slow fashion

Be a superhero and discover high quality garments with unique colors, materials & graphics. Slow fashion against mainstream trends. This slim fit design is made in Italy using 100% Pima cotton. The special mercerization process of the fabric gives the garment a more structured stand and creates a slight shine under light. Durability against wear and tear is improved, color retention is much better. 3D looking embroidery artwork is also made from lively yarns. 

Color: Gold

Size Chart

Size Width (cm / inch) Lenght (cm / inch)
S 37 / 14.5 61 / 24
M 39 / 15.3 63 / 24.8
L 41 / 16.1 65 / 25.6